Preliminary list of symposia (new)

Interventional angiology session
- Endovascular therapy of aortic aneurysmal disease
- Acute limb ischemia – still a medical challenge
- Endovascular recanalization of veins in acute deep vein thrombosis and chronic setting of postthrombotic syndrome
- Venous stenting in chronic venous disease – a hope where hope has been before

Pro and contra: Controversies in vascular medicine
- Role of ultrasound in the care of hemodialysis access
- Best management of asymptomatic carotid stenosis
- NOACs for all patients or is there still a place for vitamin K antagonism?

The most interesting vascular patient I have dealt with (open for all participants, especially young angiologists)

Recent advances in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease prevention (Session of the European Atherosclerosis Society)
- Guidelines and cardiovascular disease prevention: What should an angiologist focus on
- New and powerful tools how to substantially improve the risk of our patients (not only) with PAD
- How to wisely choose appropriate nutraceuticals in cardiovascular disease risk management

Hot lines (Results of recent vascular studies – COMPASS, ATTRACT, FOURIER-PAD, CANTHOS)

To screen or not to screen for PAD and AAA (Session of the Belgian Working Group of Angiology)

Vascular anomalies (Session of the Swedish Society for Vascular Medicine)

Symposium RIETE

Risk factors for the onset and recurrence of VTE and their implication for treatment

Unsolved issues in VTE (Session of the Swiss Society of Angiology)

Pregnancy and VTE (Session of the Slovenian Society of Vascular Diseases)

Chronic venous disease: Conservative treatment

Screening and diagnostic methods for detection of early PAD – still underestimated possibilities

Diabetic foot

Microcirculation – how to investigate in the 21st century?

News in the treatment of non-atherosclerotic vascular diseases (Raynaud´s disease, Buerger´s disease, Large vessel vasculitis, Vascular malformations)

Lymphedema and lipedema – what is new in this field?

Joint symposium of the American and European Societies for Vascular Medicine

Ultrasound workshops (Venous disease, Carotid disease, Peripheral artery disease, Find a plaque, Find unstable plaque, Examination of abdominal aorta)